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Presence is the foundation of the mindfulness journey and the door to our inner peace and deep sense of purpose.

I have created a mini-course for you direct from The Practice.

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In this teaching you will get an Introduction to Presence.

Presence is one of the skills we will develop with the practice of mindfulness. Maybe you want to learn more about how mindfulness and mediation can help you navigate the challenges that we all experience in life. Challenges like, how to deal with a racing mind or difficult emotions. You are in the right place.

In this free mini-class we will discuss:

  • The awareness of the present moment.

  • Your relationship to attention.

  • The parts, the mind and time, play in presence.

  • The two positions of the mind.

  • And how to reclaim power over attention.


Join me and start your journey to being more present, more peaceful, and more purposeful today.